Our Services

  • A Sex Discrimination Helpline to provide short-term legal assistance to women regarding sex discrimination at work or in school. Call (404) 624-6822 for more information. We serve Helpline callers by providing:
    • Legal advice about the caller’s rights and available remedies,
    • Referrals for community resources to address related, non-legal needs, and
    • Assistance finding private attorneys for long-term representation.
  • Our Campus Advocacy Program to offer education sessions for women in Georgia colleges and universities about sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, referrals to support resources, and legal advocacy.
  • A Student Internship Program to teach law students and undergrads how to fight sex discrimination and  serve the public. Email your résumé to info@atlantawomenforequality.org to apply!
    • Preparing and signing onto amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs to support plaintiffs in cases that address cutting-edge legal issues in the fight for equality.
    • Actively participating in public policy advocacy to fight sex discrimination, including speaking to a broad range of audiences, writing letters to public officials, and notifying the press about important legal issues.