Atlanta Women for Equality, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal aid organization dedicated to shaping our schools according to true standards of equality and empowering women and girls to assert their rights to equal treatment. We accomplish this mission by providing free legal advocacy for women and girls facing gender discrimination including sexual harassment and assault at school, and by protecting and expanding educational opportunities through policy advocacy.

Faces-BWEPD2015FB-3Thanks to our tax-exempt status, all donations we receive are tax-deductible.  Click here to contribute!


Our Services:

  • A Sex Discrimination Helpline to provide short-term legal assistance to women regarding sex discrimination at work or in school. Call (404) 624-6822 for more information. We serve Helpline callers by providing:

    • Legal advice about the caller’s rights and available remedies,
    • Referrals for community resources to address related, non-legal needs, and
    • Assistance finding private attorneys for long-term representation.
  • Our exciting new Campus Advocacy Program to offer education sessions for women in Georgia colleges and universities about sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, referrals to support resources, and legal advocacy.


  • A Student Internship Program to teach law students and undergrads how to fight sex discrimination and  serve the public. Email your résumé to to apply!
  • Preparing and signing onto amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs to support plaintiffs in cases that address cutting-edge legal issues in the fight for equality.
  • Actively participating in public policy advocacy to fight sex discrimination, including speaking to a broad range of audiences, writing letters to public officials, and notifying the press about important legal issues.

Coming Soon:

  • Long-term legal representation, from start to finish, to low-income women in complaints of sex discrimination in the workplace or educational environment.
  • Informational materials regarding discrimination, community resources and initiatives, and the law.
  • Public outreach and education sessions in the Atlanta area for women workers about their legal rights.
  • Community initiatives to further the rights of women in the workplace and educational environment.

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